Adjective Clauses Definition and 6 Example Sentences

Adjective Clauses Definition and 6 Example Sentences

Adjective clause” or “relative clause” means a clause that acts as an adjective by qualifying a noun.

While adjectives are used before the name they describe, ‘adjective clause‘ comes after the name it defines. For example:

  • Today, I saw a blue car which was parked in front of my car.

Note 1: Half sentence comes after Who, whom and which; that is, these words decrease the subject or object after them. Note that in some cases there are half sentences.

Note 2: The full sentence comes after where, when and why.

Note 3: Unless there is a comma and preposition on the left; It can be used in place of who, whom, which, when and why. Note that in Adjective clause sentences, that doesn’t come after commas and prepositions.


  • The orange that he bought was delicious.
  • I hate Tom who / that always complain.
  • I saw her laptop in the library which was supposed to be under repair.
  • I visited the town where they met.
  • Fruit that is grown organically is expensive.
  • The scientist who devised this method.

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