10 Adverb Examples Sentences, Definition and Examples

10 Adverb Examples Sentences, Definition and Examples

When using the English language, we unconsciously use many words and phrases. Using these words and phrases correctly and enriching your sentences will allow you to speak English more accurately. It is necessary to use such words intensively, especially when making a presentation or preparing homework. Today, we will discuss what is an adverb with you. Adverbs, when added to the sentences, are the words that give information about how the predictions in the sentence are performed.

If you remember, when we dealt with adjectives before, we mentioned that adjectives describe nouns. It is possible to say that adverbs characterize the verbs.

To understand adverbs, you first need to understand the differences between adverbs and adjectives. Because these two word groups are often confused with each other. I have already mentioned that adverbs describe verbs and adjectives characterize nouns.

Here are 10 Adverb Examples Sentences;

  1. Dogs don’t usually walk backwards.
  2. Fortunately, Alex recorded George’s win.
  3. He ate the chocolate cake greedily.
  4. He cleans his cell phone once a week.
  5. He doesn’t usually go to work by bus.
  6. The baby went indoors.
  7. The bus is moving westwards.
  8. Anxiously they returned home because they forgot the key at home.
  9. As he walked out of the house, he quickly closed the door.
  10. Could you rarely water the flowers?

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