20 Examples of Complex Sentence, Complex Sentences Examples

20 Examples of Complex Sentence, Complex Sentences Examples

The structure consisting of a series of words describing emotions, thoughts and situations is called a sentence. The sentence types differ according to their meanings, structures, verb location and verb type. There are various sentences in English according to their structures. These are divided into simple sentences, compound sentences and complex sentences.

In a simple sentence, usually at least one subject is a verb, an object, and sometimes an indirect object.

These words make meaning when they come together.

Complex sentences are referred to as an main clause and subordinate clause one sentence.

Even if a subject and a verb are found in a sentence, that sentence does not make mean. When these clauses are connected to a main sentence with a conjunction or a pronoun, it can make meaning.

Here are 20 examples of complex sentence;

1. My father’s job is very difficult, but He enjoys going to work every day.

2. As soon as Marry arrives in the room, I will start telling her what we are experiencing today.

3. I would like to help you with this and ease your burden, yet unfortunately, I have no time.

4. Would you rather go to the movie that we talked about last night or spend the day at home with Netflix?

5. Some people disagree with this theory, however, it’s never been proven right.

6. George is very clever but he doesn’t study his lessons.

7. I could not go to school early because I studied lesson until last night.

8. Unless you are to tired let’s go for a walk at the park.

9. I studied for long hours at night, therefore I got very high marks from the final exams.

10. I want to sleep at home, but on the other hand, I have to get into work and earn money.

11. I cannot come with you, I have to go to work.

In addition, there is someone I need to see at 2 p.m., sorry.

12. Whenever my aunt comes to us, she brings some good gifts for my brothers.

13. As a result, these issues are not for you because your age is much younger.

14. She speaks three languages besides

15. Jack is completely unlike his father.

16. I don’t want you to talk to me again because you lied to me.

17. Even though they were millionaires, they drive old cars.

18. Since I see you, I am better.

19. They can listen to music provided they disturb nobody.

20. He had a good time with his family, even though he was very busy yesterday.

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