Examples of Gerund Sentences

Examples of Gerund Sentences

The gerund is a verb that acts like a noun in a sentence. The subject in which the names are used in the sentence is used in the case of the object. The gerund is obtained
by adding the -ing tag to a verb root.

Example Sentences

1.Swimming is my favourite sport.

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2.Having to get up early won’t bother me at all.

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3.Getting up early is a good habit.

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4.Being married will not make me happy.

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5.Looking after many children keeps Susan busy.

6.I can’t stand Tom’s speaking German.

7.After taking a bath, I felt fine.

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8.I was afraid of hurting her feelings.

9.I’m afraid I have to delay going on holiday because of my personal problems.

10.You can go to cinema when you’ve finished doing your homework.

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