Therefore in a Sentence, Definition and Example Sentences

Therefore in a Sentence, Definition and Example Sentences

Therefore, its use is an issue that English learners should carefully examine.

The use of commas before or after the bindings that give cause and effect, as such, varies according to preference, depending on the flow of the sentence and insertions in parentheses.

Example Sentences

  • You have a family that does your homework for you, therefore you will never learn to do homework yourself.
  • She went out last night without her mother’s permission, therefore she spent the whole night in the bathroom to make sure her brother never saw her.
  • Experts say that giant squid can be a cause of deep sea pollution. Therefore, it is necessary to take measures quickly.
  • Therefore it wasn’t clear what John was saying sometimes or he was very quiet, they even had difficulty hearing.
  • In this economic system, there is no slippage during operation and therefore there will be no energy loss.

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