5 Idioms About BIRD and Example Sentences

5 Idioms About BIRD and Example Sentences

Bird idioms help the English language to be spoken more fluently and help improve the language technically.

Bird feed: Indicates a small amount of money or items.

  • The amount of money I received last night was as much as bird feed, and I was very worried about it.

Bird hearted: It means easy to be scared and cowardly.

  • Tommy introduced his friend as a bird-hearted and annoyed his friend.

Birds come home to perch: A person’s words or actions come back to cause trouble.

  • Jean always treats other people very rude. However, he came home to roost the birds, and now people are very rude to him now.

Bird story: It means an absurd story.

  • Elia told her teacher a bird story about why she didn’t do her homework.

Cooking goose: To damage a person’s plans is to harm or destroy a person

  • Tahanna sued her company and cooked her goose.

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