10 Examples of Noun Sentences, Noun Sentences Examples

10 Examples of Noun Sentences, Noun Sentences Examples

No matter what language you use, you need to ask the questions “Who?”, “Where?” And “What?” In order to find the word group called noun in the sentence. Names can be used plurally according to different rules. In this context, we will first examine how the plural forms of nouns differ.

Plural Forms of Nouns

Single nouns can be easily pluralized. Pluralization is a process that can be performed in names that can be counted. In this part of our article, all of the examples we will list for you consist of countable nouns. There are some types of nouns that cannot be made in plural form in English, called uncountable nouns. We will examine them later in the article.

Here are 10 Examples of Noun Sentences;

  1. The name of this cat is Mauw.
  2. The movie is perfect.
  3. In the final analysis, all people living in this country were never satisfied with their lives.
  4. Finally she realized that her boyfriend did not like her and was extremely upset.
  5. Although I miss him so much, I cannot go to him because I do not have money.
  6. I could not go to school early because I studied lesson until last night.
  7. Although she ran very fast, she lost the race.
  8. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  9. You have a family that does your homework for you, therefore you will never learn to do homework yourself.
  10. This plant comes from a tropical lands.

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