Sentences with Important, Definition and Example Sentences

Sentences with Important, Definition and Example Sentences


Important means; of great significance or value; significant, major, considerable, momentous, capital.

Example Sentences With Important

  • It is important that we make an effort.
  • It is important for everything to be ready by Tuesday.
  • My father says; First impressions are important.
  • It’s very important to respect the rules.
  • Please liste to me, I think it’s important for us to stay calm
  • This match is very important for the school. They definitely have to win.
  • I have two very important exams next week. I have to work a lot.
  • He knows he has to make very important decisions.
  • After this invasion, which initiated the largest ground war front in history, the Axis forces allocated a important portion of their military force for this war.
  • Economic and social collapse accelerated with the loss of important colonies in the country since 1898, which prepared the environment of civil war.
  • Weygand attacked on two lines running north from Abbeville and south from Ypres; but it did not get any important results.

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