10 Sentences of Simple Future Tense Examples

10 Sentences of Simple Future Tense Examples

There are many ways we can express ourselves using the future tense. The first is to use future simple tense. Future simple tense gives the person you listen to information about your simple plans for the future. When building sentences with Future simple tense, you can support your sentence with some time frames that define the future time. In this way, you will be able to explain your problem in a very short time.

10 Sentences of Simple Future Tense Examples;

  1. I will read the newspaper when I go to bus station.
  2. I will miss you when you move to another country.
  3. We think, We will be back on Monday from holiday.
  4. You can’t carry this luggage yourself.

    I will help you.

  5. Your mother will love you forever.
  6. She will tell you something.
  7. You will not be there if you do not remember that you should be.
  8. It will rain, I can understand it from the dark clouds.
  9. How about you, won’t you tell me?
  10. I will not see you if I will not come.

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