20 Sentences of Past Continuous Tense Examples, 20 Sentences in Past Continuous Tense

20 Sentences of Past Continuous Tense Examples, 20 Sentences in Past Continuous Tense

The use of past continuous tense is a structure that we should use when describing actions that require process. In today’s article, we will learn how to use such sentences in positive and negative meanings.

We will also support this with various example and structure views.

When constructing a positive sentence in Past Continuous Tense structure, you do not need to know the second forms of verbs. Because Ving is used in positive and negative sentences.

The words were and was are used to add the meaning of ‘’past ”.

When constructing such sentences, you can extend the sentence using the while word and add new information to the sentence.

Here are 20 Sentences of Past Continuous Tense Examples;

1. You were watching television last night.

2. I was washing the dishes when the phone rang.

3. As she was not reading the book, Mary came.

4. Was it raining yesterday evening?

5. The phone rang while I was taking a bath.

6. The students were drawing beautiful pictures when the teacher entered the classroom.

7. He was not working when I called him.

8. I was reading an interesting book, last night.

9. At midnight, we were still driving through the desert.

10. Were the children laughing?

11.I was studying chemistry last week.

12.They were playing hockey last month.

13.George was baking a cake when the storm started.

14.Was I running in the park at 11 o’clock?

15.He should be coming back here now.

16.He was having lunch when visitors arrived.

17.Alex and Samuel were playing football yesterday at 9:00.

18.I was watching TV while the children were playing outside.

19.What was he doing when you saw him?

20.We were having lunch at 12:30.

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