70 Examples of Collective Nouns

70 Examples of Collective Nouns

1.a bale of cotton

2.a basket of fruit

3.a batch of bread

4.a battery of guns

5.a bevy of ladies

6.a bevy of ladies

7.a block of flats

8.a board of directors

9.a body of men

10.a body of men

11.a book of notes

12.a bouquet of flowers

13.a bowl of rice

14.a bunch of crocks

15.a bunch of crocks

16.a bunch of keys

17.a bundle of sticks

18.a caravan of gypsies

19.a caravan of gypsies

20.A catalogue of prices

21.a catalogue of prices

22.a chest of drawers

23.A chest of drawers

24.a chest of drawers

25.a choir of singers

26.a choir of singers

27.a class of students

28.a class of students

29.a cloud of dust

30.a cluster of coconuts

31.a collection of coins

32.A colony of badgers

33.a comb of bananas

34.a company of actors

35.a company of actors

36.a fleet of ships

37.a forest of trees

38.a gaggle of geese

39.a galaxy of stars

40.a gang of prisoners

41.a group of dancers

42.a group of islands

43.a hail of bullets

44.a hand of bananas

45.a harvest of wheat

46.a haul of fish

47.a heap of rubbish

48.a hedge of bushes

49.a herd of cattle

50.a hive of bees

51.a horde of savages

52.a horde of savages

53.a host of angels

54.a library of books

55.a line of kings

56.a mob of rioters

57.a nest of mice

58.a pack of thieves

59.a pack of wolves

60.a party of friends

61.a party of friends

62.a party of friends

63.a patrol of policemen

64.a patrol of policemen

65.a plague of locusts

66.a posse of policemen

67.a posse of policemen

68.a pride of lions

69.a quiver of arrows

70.a range of mountains

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