Most Common English Words Used In Daily Life

Most Common English Words Used In Daily Life

Use: To take advantage of something or an object for a specific purpose.

Can I use your phone to call my mom because my phone is running out of charge?

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See: Knowing the existence of something with the help of the eye, looking.

I saw you yesterday, you were tired.

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Like: To enjoy something, to like it.

I like you since the first time I saw you.

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Any: This word is used when talking about anything.

You don’t know how to behave in any event.

Work: To produce anything, profession, to work regularly, to serve.

Since I am sick, I will not be able to go to work today because I have a report.

Now: The moment we live, the moment we are in.

To be able to apply them in your life, now you have to listen carefully to everything I will tell you.

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Such: This word is used when trying to give an example about a topic or other things.

I love reading books, but there are a few genres that I especially love to read, such as horror, adventure and science fiction.

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Think: In order to make a judgment, to evaluate, compare, research, to produce thoughts, to perform mental activities.

Most: We can use this word when talking about something, an object or a subject, the most about all this.

We have learned that the most widely used language in the world is English.

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