Whenever in a Sentence, Definition and Example Sentences

Whenever in a Sentence, Definition and Example Sentences

  • When “ever” is added to these words, let’s take a look at what happens in general. When the word “ever” is added, it adds “every” meaning to the word.
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    In the most basic sense, these words are used to add meanings such as “desired time” and “always” to the sentence.

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  • For example, “Whenever Sumudica try to do it, it won’t close.” sentence “Whenever it works, it does not close.
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    ” or “it doesn’t open at any time.” It means. Here “whenever” always adds meaning to the sentence.

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    The meaning of “to do” comes from the verb “do”.

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Example Sentences

  • You can go whenever you want but never forget to call me.
  • We can go see the baby whenever you want and we can watch the football game whenever you want.
  • You can call my mom whenever you want.
  • Very annoying! Whenever I start driving, my arm hurts.
  • Whenever my aunt comes to us, she brings some good gifts for my brothers.

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