30 Example of Imperative Sentence, Definition and Examples

30 Example of Imperative Sentence, Definition and Examples

The imperative mode is much easier than the other modes in English. Because when you need to use imperative, we don’t have to add any verbs.

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In this way, the imperative mode has a very simple structure.

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In the sentences that are shot according to different people, the imperative mode may be different. Orders are usually just set up with Simple Present Tense. Because we only need to give orders in Simple Present Tense.

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Types of Imperatives;

  • Positive Questions with Imperatives
  • Negative Questions with Imperatives

Here are 30 Example of Imperative Sentence;

1.Shall he not come in?

2.Shall we not eat dinner here?

3.Do not smoke in your room.

4.You wash your hand first and then eat.

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5.Clean your room.

6.Stop talking and open your book.

7.Take the dog for a walk, please.

8.Stop biting your fingernails.

9.Nobody move!

10.Do not walk fastly.

11.Please be quiet in the library.

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12.Share wishes for someone.

13.Do your chores!

14.Enjoy some fresh strawberries.

15.Stop talking!

16.Have courage.

17.Let no one of you speak.

18.Switch off your mobiles.

19.Do not talk to me like that.

20.Do not make that sound.

21.Don’t touch me!

22.You there, pay attention!

23.Oh, do shut up!

24.Please join me for dinner.

25.Hand me that bowl

26.Consider the red dress.

27.Pass the salt.

28.Wait for me!

29.Stop feeding the dog!

30.Be quiet, sir!

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