12 Synonyms For Interesting, and Example Sentences

12 Synonyms For Interesting, and Example Sentences

Fascinating: Ms. Samara, translated the fascinating fairy tale into plain English.

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Striking: There are striking differences between the two handsome guys.

Intriguing: I find Tomas very intriguing.

Amusing: They told the children a amusing tale.

Entertaining: Olga is responsible for entertaining children.

Gripping: I found the latest novel very gripping.

Engaging: This story is praised almost like an engaging thriller.

Absorbing: This novel is so absorbing that I can’t take it off.

Enthralling: Everything I’ve seen lately has been very enthralling.

Riveting: All the films he made are quite riveting.

Adorable: Simmy’s friend was very adorable.

Agreeable: My friend from school was agreeable and I have never seen sad.

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