10 Transition Sentences Examples, Transition Words With Examples

10 Transition Sentences Examples, Transition Words With Examples

Those who want to write content with a richer and professional language can use different transitional words and phrases in almost every sentence. There are many types of transitional words in English that can meet different meanings such as contrast, similarity, cause and effect relationship. We can examine these words in detail. While reading this article, do not forget to note the words and phrases you like. Now you will start getting much higher scores from your essay writing assignments.

Here are 10 Transition Sentences Examples;

1. While I am lazy, my sister is really hard-working.

2. The south has a hot, dry climate, whereas the north has a milder, wetter climate.

3. I like cooking new dishes and eating meat, but I don’t like washing dishes afterward.

4. They can listen to music provided they disturb nobody.

5. If you participated in the election, people would choose you.

6. We can go see the baby whenever you want and we can watch the football game whenever you want.

7. In spite of the artistic inadequacy of this theater play, they made good money.

8. Michael has bought a new dress but she hasn’t worn it yet.

9. I don’t like playing football because it’s very boring

10. Samara went office to get her coat and came back for the dinner.


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