Examples of Homonyms with Sentences

Examples of Homonyms with Sentences


  • You have to teach him that getting wreak is not a good thing.
  • Where does this bad reek come from?


  • We created our route and set off tomorrow.
  • We started to investigate the root of this language.

Cent – Sent – Scent:

  • Can you give us fifty cents?
  • I sent you all messages yesterday.
  • Can you feel the scent in the room?

Cell –

  • Cells always renew themselves.
  • There is a decrease in the sell of our store this month.

Allowed – Aloud:

  • I’m allowed workplace today.
  • The children spoke aloud at school.

Chance – Chants:

  • I wish you good chance in your exam.
  • Today we listen to chants.

Seas – seize:

  • Do seas always smell so good?
  • Turtles cannot seize rabbits.

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