10 Passive Voice Sentences, Passive Voice Exercises

10 Passive Voice Sentences, Passive Voice Exercises

Passive Voice is used in sentences in which the object affected by the action or situation becomes the subject. Such sentences often reflect a more literary ambiance.

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You can often come across such objects, especially in literary texts.

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The structure of these sentences is different from the others.

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The words that should be used in sentences may change according to different time structures.

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Let’s see an example of a passive voice!

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Here are 10 Passive Voice Sentences;

  1. The book has already been discussed.
  2. Nowadays, animals are protected by law.
  3. Two days ago, a pencil had been broken by it, so unfortunately I have to go shopping.
  4. The car can be washed by him.
  5. The milk had been knocked over by a cat.
  6. The doors are going to be locked at nine o’clock.
  7. My father knew that the church had been built in 2005.
  8. This film wasn’t liked by no one.
  9. The novel was read by Father in one day.
  10. A notebook had been bought by him yesterday, so he started working today.

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