20 Passive Voice Sentences, Passive Voice Exercises

20 Passive Voice Sentences, Passive Voice Exercises

Passive Voice is used in sentences in which the object affected by the action or situation becomes the subject. Such sentences often reflect a more literary ambiance.

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You can often come across such objects, especially in literary texts.

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The structure of these sentences is different from the others.

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The words that should be used in sentences may change according to different time structures.

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Let’s see an example of a passive voice!

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1. Chocolate is a dessert loved by women.

2. The black car has been washed by him.

3. The theory of relativity was developed by Einstein.

4. New workers will be hired by the company.

5. The letters must be delivered.

6. A brownie is being baked by Michael.

7. The Mona Lisa was painted by Leonardo Da Vinci.

8. A mistake was made.

9. He is being hired to work at Burger King.

10. Most of the apples would be eaten before we got to the table.

11. Mistakes were made. I didn’t make them.

12. It will have been cleaned.

13. News reports are written by reporters.

14. Whenever I need something, I am helped by him, so I want to help him.

15. Every morning, a glass of water is drunk by him, so he feels very healthy.

16. The boy was scratched by the cat.

17. The egg was laid by the bird.

18. The windows had been broken.

19. Bananas are adored by monkeys.

20. Trees should not be cut down, it is very important issue.

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