Sentences with But, Definition and Example Sentences

Sentences with But, Definition and Example Sentences


But means; It is used to describe whether an event that is said as a word is impossible or impossible. Indicates the opposite of an event.

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It can be used as words, conjunctions, prepositions, names and envelopes.

Example Sentences With But

  • I finished all my homework today but my father bought me a nice gift when he came home in the evening.
  • She loves to play football but her troubles do not allow it.
  • I am very sleepy, but I cannot sleep.
  • I love her very much but I don’t think she loves me.
  • Mary is a very pretty girl but she needs to do some more maintenance.
  • Some people disagree with this theory but it’s never been proven right.
  • In life, everyone strives for a little bit of happiness, but not everyone gets happiness.
  • He is the best student in school but he doesn’t do homeworks on time.
  • Alex has money but he’s not all that happy.
  • I was very tired, but I was unable to sleep.

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