Sentences with However, Definition and Example Sentences

Sentences with However, Definition and Example Sentences


However, it does not connect the two sentences grammatically, that is, the first sentence ends, a dot is put at the end of the sentence and then “however” is written at the beginning of the second sentence. However, it is used in the same way in nevertheless.

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Example Sentences With However

  • He was feeling very ill. However, he went to work.
  • She loves to play football, however her troubles do not allow it.
  • I am very hungry, however the fridge is empty.
  • Mary is a very pretty girl, however she needs to do some more maintenance.
  • Mary told her a joke, however she didn’t laugh.
  • My father never used to smoke, however he does now.
  • I want to go on a holiday, however I don`t have any money
  • I want to be friends with him, however I don’t think he will accept it.
  • I always wanted to play football, however she never liked to play football.

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