Sentences with People, Definition and Example Sentences

Sentences with People, Definition and Example Sentences


People means; human beings, mankind, humanity, folks, folk

Example Sentences With People

  • People have to live together. Everyone has to accept this fact.
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  • Covid-19 has affected all people around the world and continues to affect.
  • Her face is known to all people.
  • Unfortunately, this is very sad to say, but 20000 people died in the earthquake.
  • Why are people so insensitive?
  • The man was asking for help on the ground and people were moving unresponsively past him.
  • It watches for bright and moving objects, especially people moving around.
  • This list is a list of the oldest people in the world ranked according to certain categories.
  • Due to the difference in life expectancy between the sexes, almost all of the oldest people alive are women.

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